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Pre or Post wedding photoshoot in Paris

What to wear on a pre wedding shooting

A pre wedding photoshoot can be a fantastic opportunity to get some great pictures in the best areas of Paris. It can also help you feel a lot more comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day.

You can see above a few pictures that I took.  I regularly photograph couples from all over the world who come to France to take pre wedding pictures.

My goal will be to capture your story as a couple and the emotions you are feeling in the moment. We can spend one hour to one whole day together if you want to shoot in different places.

These pictures will obviously be life memories for you both, but they will also be shown to all your family and friends. This is why they should represent you at your best.


I often suggest to my clients just to be themselves. Of course it is a good occasion to wear a fancy dress and suit, but you should be wearing something that represents you the most. This could be a traditional outfit that represents your roots and heritage, but it could also be something more creative and representative.


If you have a few outfits and want to go to different locations (Paris gardens, Eiffel Tower, Louvre) a session of a few hours or half a day would be more suitable.

I would recommend shooting in the early morning, for two reasons: to avoid the flow of tourists and to get better light, especially at sunrise.

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