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Pregnancy Photoshoot in Paris

Where to shoot

Congratulations, what a great decision you have made! :) Maternity photography is a once in a lifetime event. Never give it a second thought as your pregnancy is unique. You can’t really get these moments back once they are gone. This is obviously an important moment in you, and your couples, life. I will be there to save these precious moment for you. I have experienced many maternity photoshoots.

A beautiful change in your body. the miracle of a new life inside you and your pregnancy glow! I believe these are strong enough to convince you of treating yourself with a professional portrait session. It’s a very joyful experience. Once the session is done you will be so proud of yourself for planning it. Seeing your stunning images will make your session a truly memorable experience.

If you live in Paris or only visiting for a few days, you will notice that there are so many beautiful locations that are great for pregnancy sessions.

The mail tourist locations are The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Area, and Montmartre, you can find more information about them on my locations pages of this website. There are also many other nice places to shoot in Paris, in beautifull areas (Le Marai, Latin quarter) and the Paris Gardens.

Your pregnancy photoshoot can also be a gender reveal for your family and friends :) I can advise you with nice ideas for that day.

Let me help you to organise a memorable maternty photoshoot for you.

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