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Louvre and Royal Palace Photoshoot

Louvre couple Photoshoot

The Louvre area is for sure one of the best areas for a photoshoot. For a session here I would recommend 1 hour. I will take you around the area to take beautiful pictures of you with the Royal Palace, the Pyramid and other amazing backgrounds.

I edit the pictures myself in order to keep high standards quality. I have edited for bloggers, artists and models.

Since I am also passionate about Paris, you can ask me questions about the city. I will be happy to answer them or help you to plan your journey

We will not be going In the Louvre Museum, you could purchase your tickets online if you want to visit the museum after the photo tour.

The day and hours can be changed according to your plans (best time is early morning to avoid the toursists), do not hesitate to send me a message.


See you soon :)

Family photoshoot louvre
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