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Eiffel Tower Couple Photoshoot

Photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower Area

This is obviously one of the hotspots of Paris, as it is one of most famous monument on the planet. My Eiffel Tower Phototour lasts about 1 hour, as it is the optimal time for a photo shooting at this location. I will be taking you around the Eiffel Tower area and we will capturemoments in the best spots to get beautiful pictures of you and the Eiffel Tower.

I edit all the pictures myself in order to keep high standards quality. I have edited for bloggers, artists and models.

Since I am also passionate about Paris, you can ask me questions about the city. I will be happy to answer them or help you to plan your journey.

We will not be going up the Eiffel Tower, you could purchase your tickets online if you want to visit the tower after the photo tour.


On the day, I would recommend shooting in the early morning for two reasons, to avoid the flow of tourists and the light can be better, especially at sunrise.

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