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Portrait and Lifestyle photoshoot in Paris

Where to shoot

If you are traveling by yourself you probably are bored of the usual selfies and would want to experience a photo session with a professional photographer. Especially a local who can also tell you a lot about the city :)

I often have solo travelers and help them to imortalize there moments in Paris. It is more difficult to be ifront of the camera when you are alone, I know this, but I can garentee that I will help you to be confidents a guide you trough the photoshoot.

Depending on what type of shots you are looking for, you will have to choose you locations and the duration of the photoshoot.

For the touristic locations, the most required are The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Area, Champs Elysés and Montmartre, you can find more information about them on my locations pages of this website.

For lifestyle photoshoots there are also nice areas in Paris. The Marai area is very nice, also the Latin quarter. These places are also appropriate for café terrace shots.

If it is your first time in Paris I also do a Walking & Histrorical Phototour this is a good way to get some information about the city and I can guide you trough your vacations in Paris.

The Day of the shooting

For a better experience, and pictures, you should select carfully your outfit, you can also bring different outfits if you want, we will be able to find a place for you to change. 


It can also be a good occasion to bring some props with you for the photosession. You can bring flowers, ballons, I can also help you with this as I work with reliable and high quality suppliers.

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