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Wedding Proposal Photoshoot

How to Organize the Proposal

This will be the most memorable moment of your partner's life :). I will help you immortalize this moment forever.

It is very important to prepare this beautiful moment. You must first imagine where you want to propose. There are many beautiful spots in Paris for a proposal. Of course, the Eiffel Tower is the most popular one, but there are many other spots that can be original and less suspected by your partner.


Shooting along the Seine River can be nice and romantic. Paris has also many beautiful gardens that could be a good location for this magical moment. The city of love is an incredible place for couples and you will never run out of romantic locations to discover.

Once you know where you want to propose, you have to think about how you will be doing it.

How will you meet your photographer?

The easiest way is to tell your partner that you have booked a photoshoot. You can the propose at anytime during the photoshoot, when you feel like. Since your partner will know they are going on a photoshoot, they will be dressed for the occasion without suspecting you are about to make them a beautiful surprise.

If you want to go for total surprise, I can wait for you at an exact spot to take the pictures while you are proposing. In that case, you have to find creative ideas for your parner to be nicely dressed.


I would recommend shooting in the early morning, for two reasons: to avoid the flow of tourists and to get better light, especially at sunrise.

Don't forget the ring... ;)

Let me help you

I work with service suppliers (like flower deliverers, or violinists who can play your partner’s favorite song). Depending on your budget, I can get you delivered anything from splendid bouquets of flowers, a beautiful car with a driver, balloons, a horse carriage etc.

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